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We hear a lot of feedback about DermaTherapy. Some we go out and look for, some comes straight back from satisfied customers. Here's a selection for you.

Your feedback and comments are very important to us! Let us know what you think ...

Feedback from DermaTherapy users:

"I LOVE these sheets!  They have allowed me to get more rest at night. I have had Psorisis for many years and these sheets feel great against my skin. I am so thankful to finally find something that helps me sleep more comfortably. My skin does not tear against these sheets. Keep up the great work! "

"Thank you very much for the DermaTherapy® sheets. They feel wonderful on my skin - especially the areas on my back and arms that are currently being treated for skin cancer."

"I don't itch and my skin looks a lot better."

                                        "No bleeding on the sheets - more sleep."

"Some nights I forget that I have sheets on the bed, it is so comfortable."

"They don't stick to me while I'm sleeping. They are comfortable against my skin"


"I like the material, and how it feels so soft. It helps me sleep better"

                                                  "Itching isn't as bad as it was and my skin is looking better."

"I like the sheets because they are warm and cozy. I like the silkiness of the sheets. No itchy scales anywhere."

"Seems to irritate less - not so red in the morning."

"God bless who invented the bedding."

"My skin looks better and I get a good nights sleep and I don't itch as much and a lot of improvements"


"I loved the sheets and how it helped my skin. Thank you and I will refer anyone I know with eczema."

"My skin feels and looks much better. My neck especially feels better, which means that I may think of wearing my hair up more often."

Feedback from parents of DermaTherapy users:

Overall there has been a significant improvement in his comfort at night.

This has been an answer to a prayer. We are excited to find something to help her skin.

We love the sheets and there has been a lot of improvement. I want these sheets for the parents.

She slept more - wasn't hot and irritated.

I see a definite improvement in this comfort at night, he's not as restless and does not wake-up nearly as often.

She likes the feel of the sheets, her skin isn't as "ashy" in the mornings.

Sheets were easy to maintain and she liked the feel of them.

Her skin is so much better and she seems to be more comfortable.


"I felt so comfortable for sleeping
after my operation, a good
nights sleep thanks to
DermaTherapy Bedding"

Mr B, Bedford

Women's Over  50 Health Section


Pauline S, 50, tried DermaTherapy therapeutic bedding whilst recovering from a hip replacement

. "When I came out of hospital, I wanted to be comfortable in my bed," Pauline explains. "It was so beneficial, it was just wonderful. It meant I could rest instead of perspiring and feeling restless. I couldn't get in and out of bed that easily and wanted a good night's sleep. It worked very well and because I was able to get enough sleep, I recovered quickly and was back at work within three weeks. I've ordered more supplies for everyday use because the bed linen is so comfortable.



I don't leave home without them!

Superior quality and luxury. As part of the test group for these sheets I was definitely sceptical. How could just a sheet make a difference in the night sweats?

I was amazed and immediately fell in love with them. The coolness and the feel of the fabric are incredible! I can't say that the sheets "cured" the night sweats, but they definitely made the sweats much less of a problem. If I wake up I just turn the pillow over and go right back to sleep. Since the trial I have acquired another set of these sheets. Any time I go on an overnight trip, the top sheet and a small pillow in the pillow case go with me. I don't leave home without them! The fabric is lightweight enough that it can be folded many times. I cannot imagine ever sleeping on anything else! I have also discovered that there is an added benefit to these sheets. The skin that comes in contact with these sheets is not as dry as it was.


More restful sleep and minimal sleep interruptions

I have found that the DermaTherapy bedding has led to much more restful sleep.  My night sweats are not as disturbing as they were with the "old" sheets.  In fact, I now have minimal sleep interruptions due to hot flushes/night sweats.  I would recommend that anyone with this problem try DermalTherapy bedding. 



They seem to make me relax so much quicker -cool and soft to the touch

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a 56 old woman who has been having really bad hot flushes for a long while now.  I have been to the doctor and received medication to help, but still continued to have night sweets.. After using these sheets I now have very little to no night sweets.  I went from having a lot of sleepless night to sleeping more than I should.   When I first lay down on the sheets they are really cool and soft to the touch of my skin.  They seem to make me relax so much quicker than regular sheets.  I no longer kick the sheets off of me at night when I use them.  They are truly wonderful.  I recommend any woman going through this time in their life to get a set of these sheets.  It has really changed my life.

Thank you,



Night Terrors Tamed

Since the age of 2 my son, Lewis, has suffered from night terrors. The night terrors occur if he is tired, hot or ill. They used to be quite infrequent and the doctor said that he should grow out of them in time. However he is now 8 and over the past 12 months they seemed to be getting more severe and also more frequent.

Lewis was going through a particularly bad phase where he had night terrors for 7 nights in a row until he slept on the DermaTherapy Bedding! I decided to try the bedding as I noted from the website that one of its properties is to wick moisture away from the skin and I thought this might have a cooling effect on him. It has obviously worked as he hasn’t had a night terror in over 2 weeks!I am so very, very grateful that Lewis is now able to have a better night’s sleep and wake up refreshed for school and raring to go at his many football sessions. It’s truly amazing what a dramatic effect simply changing Lewis’ bedding has made.

Lewis also loves the feel of the fabric. He told his sister about his ‘special bedding’ and we have now also bought my daughter a pillow case even though she doesn’t suffer from night terrors!



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