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DermaTherapy is the first bed linen to receive clearance from the American Food & Drug Administration and the European Union as a Class I Medical Device for the treatment of mild atopic dermatitis, the most common type of eczema.
Why It’s Effective

DermaTherapy Sheets are designed to be smooth – minimising friction with the skin. Unlike cotton and polycotton sheets, DermaTherapy fabrics are free of short, protruding fibres or “pills” that can create friction and cause irritation. Damp sheets can also lead to increased friction. DermaTherapy has the ability to rapidly wick moisture away from the skin. The combined effect of minimised abrasion allows your skin to slide smoothly across the sleeping surface, making it easier to roll over in bed and improves the quality of sleep.

DermaTherapy bedding is also Dust Mite Proof as the gaps between the fibres - the pore density is less than 8.5 microns.


Controls Bacterial Contamination

Durable antimicrobial and “soil release” properties help maintain a clean, fresh sleeping surface which controls odours and minimises the potential for skin infections.

As shown in the following microbiological analysis, DermaTherapy is also highly effective in reducing the growth of bugs that are known to adversely affect skin integrity, whereas cotton bedding fabric has virtually no effect.


% Reduction after 24hours
100% cotton
E. coli


Any creams, oils or body fluids are washed away from the bedding in a normal wash cycle, making it especially suitable for those people using topical medication for dermatological conditions such as eczema or psoriasis.



Proven Performance
A published American study conducted at the Wake Forest School of Medicine demonstrated that DermaTherapy bedding could offer sufferers of mild atopic dermatitis much needed relief from their symptoms. 37 patients completed an eight week trial of sleeping in DermaTherapy bedding. Both the doctors conducting the trial and the patients themselves recorded changes in the severity of the eczema and overall Quality of Life.

Compared with standard cotton bedding both the doctors and the DermaTherapy users reported significant improvements in the severity of their conditions. Using a validated scoring system (EASI) the doctors recorded a significant reduction in the severity of eczema and the associated itching over the 8 week trial period with no changes to the medication used by the patients.

The DermaTherapy patients also recorded significant reductions in itch and irritation plus an improvement in sleep and a reduction in the use of emollients to control their condition, leading to an improved quality of life. Overall 49% of patients reported a significant improvement in their condition and a further 40% reported some improvement.

All the benefits of DermaTherapy in a bag!

Ideal for Sleep-overs or holidays

Take your bedding wherever you go.


DermaTherapy Controls Airborne Particle Contamination

Graph showing the significant improvement onf eczema when using DermaTherapy Bedding

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