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Welcome to DermaTherapy

Yes, this is the special dermatological bedding featured in the Sun, Daily Mail and
BBC Radio
that helps Lewis deal with his night terrors!

Have a look at the Daily Mail article by clicking here. Also featured in the Mail Online as 10 OF THE BEST... HEALTHY SKIN PRODUCTS read more...

Inspired by DermaSilk Therapeutic Clothing, DermaTherapy® dermatological bedding is the first therapeutic bedding developed specifically for individuals who suffer from:...

DermaTherapy bedding ...
...is made from uniquely structured, long filament fibres that dissipate heat and moisture away from the skin, resulting in a cleaner, drier and smoother sleeping surface.
...has a durable antimicrobial permanently bonded into the fabric to eliminate odours and maintain fabric freshness PLUS a soil release finish to help remove oils, creams, blood and other stains.
...is both dust mite proof and lint free, can be washed at virtually any temperature and lasts twice as long as conventional cotton bedding.
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featuring in the Mail Online - 10 of the best Healthy Skin products read more
Pressure Sores Eczema and other delicate skin conditions For Performance Athletes and all sports people
Night Sweats and Hot Flushes

Now in stock......

Portable Bedding in a Bag!
Temperature and allergen control in one.
Smooth as silk, antimicrobially protected fabric fits any bed whilst the integrated pillowcase keeps allergens away.

  Listen to radio interview on BBC three counties re DermaTherapy Bedding helping with night terrors   Lewis on the three counties  radio discussing night terrors

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