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July 2013 Launch of new DermaTherapy Sleepsac!

Espere Healthcare Ltd is pleased to announce the arrival of the new DermaTherapy Sleepsac.

This innovation was developed following testing of the DermaTherapy sheets on the gruelling "Race Across America" cycle race.

The Sac features an integral pillow case which enables the pillow to be slotted in, underneath the slaepsac, thus avoiding any contact between the skin oand the pillow itself.

The Slaapsac is ideal for situations where you can't take your own bedding with you. For example, sleepovers, holidays, business trips and training camps.

Priced at £68.95 you can be assured of nights of restful sleep for less than the price of a single night in a budget hotel.

July 2012 News

Click here to view movie clip of Cone Heath testimonial to DermaTherapy Bedding

June 2012 DermaTherapy featured in Cycling Weekly Magazine

The "Tour de France" edition of Cycling Weekly featured a feature article by Stephen Colbert entitled "How i used Science to beat the heat".

When thousands of pounds are spent on aerodynamic cycles and windcheating clothing it is amazing that little is done to improve overheating at night and so recovery is hindered. Now with DermaTherapy Bedding Stephen has helped to rectify this imbalance and improve his recovery for the next day of training or competition.

"I'm more comfortable and my body temperature is lower"

"psychologically i need sleep to make sense of a hectic day. But from a sporting point of view it's also when my muscles recover and i've noticed that my riding has really improved".

Click here to see a copy of the article.


August 2011 Specialised Bedding Helps Lewis Cool his Night Terrors

At the age of three Lewis became a victim of the little known condition, night terrors. His mum, Jo would find him sitting bolt upright in bed with his eyes wide open in fear, shouting garbled rubbish and pushing his hands out in front of him as if to stop something or someone coming close.

Despite his physical state, he was in fact still fast asleep! Jo started to sing lullabies and cuddle Lewis and eventually after about 15 minutes the attack would subside. In the morning Lewis had no recollection of the attack but was very thirsty which may have been a result of overheating in the night.

Two months later Lewis had another attack followed by another two months after that. Jo researched the symptoms and found that it wasn’t a simple nightmare where the sufferer can vividly remember the contents of the dream. She discovered that the symptoms fitted a condition known as night terrors, which at that point she had never heard of, but when she took Lewis to see her GP he confirmed her diagnosis. He explained that although the attacks were extremely distressing for all the family, not just the sufferer, they were actually not harmful to Lewis and that there wasn’t a known treatment but he would eventually simply grow out of them.

Lewis’s attacks became more frequent and the after-affects more pronounced with Lewis being tired the next day, which affected both his schoolwork and his sporting activities. The effect on the rest of the family was also taking its toll. Jo, Toby and Lewis's 11-year-old sister Jasmine were in a constant state of anxiety when Lewis went to bed in case he suffered another attack. It also affected Toby and Jo’s social life, as they couldn’t risk getting a babysitter in case he had an attack, so nights out together became a thing of the past. It was also too risky for Lewis to stay overnight with friends and any event that involved sleeping away, such as holidays or staying with family became hugely problematic. Lewis’s night terrors persisted for a number of years and instead of growing out of them as predicted, they became even more frequent. By the time he was 8 years of age, Lewis was suffering night terrors on six or seven consecutive nights, which meant he was constantly drained of energy through lack of sleep.

At this time Jo had started working for Espere Healthcare Ltd, who are specialists in bio functional clothing and bedding. Whilst learning about the products, Jo discovered that clinical trials had been done on the efficacy of DermaTherapy sheets for patients who suffered night sweats following strenuous exercise or during the menopause. Because hot sweats were one of the symptoms of night terrors, Jo took samples of the sheets home to see if they would help Lewis.

Lewis had already suffered 6 consecutive attacks, but when Jo placed the sheets on his bed, for the first night he slept like a log! Incredibly, since using the sheets, Lewis has never had another attack. However when his cousin came over and he had to sleep in his sister’s bed Lewis suffered his first attack in over two years, but when he returned to his bed the next evening he slept peacefully which proved to Jo that it was the specialist bedding that had made the difference.

Although little is known of it, night terrors is a common disorder that affects about 3% of the population, mainly children between the ages of 3 and 12 years, but it can occur at any age. The cause is still not known but has been associated with stress, overtiredness and in active children such as Lewis, strenuous exercise can lead to a higher core temperature causing them to overheat.

Now that the attacks have subsided life has returned to normal. Jo and Toby can go out for the evening knowing that the babysitter won’t have to deal with the distressing symptoms of an attack; Lewis sleeps soundly every night and has become an active footballer, cricketer and tennis player. As a junior footballer he won a professional contract with Stevenage and is now playing for Luton. When he went away for a five-day training camp he took his pillowcase with him and had no recurrence of the problem.

Had Jo not tried the simple trick of changing Lewis’ bedding to the DermaTherapy sheets, who knows what effect the constant lack of sleep, the inability of Jo and Toby to enjoy their evenings and Lewis being unable to enjoy a simple sleepover would have had on the family. Fortunately, Lewis now has the opportunity of enjoying everything a boy his age should. With the benefit of a good night’s sleep, hopefully his parents will see his footballing dreams rise and shine as well.

See the Daily Mail article

March 2011 Specialised Bedding Helps Exercise Enthusiasts

It is estimated that 11% of UK adults claim to be members of one of 6,000 health clubs in the UK with over 2.2 million adults holding gym membership.

Whilst the objective of the exercise is to improve overall fitness and feel better, many exercise and workout enthusiasts have suffered from night sweats that aren’t attributed to health concerns. Fitness experts say that this nocturnal perspiration can result from the body’s need for a prolonged period of temperature re-adjustment after a vigorous workout.

That’s where DermaTherapy Bedding can help, It is constructed with innovative fabric technology that wicks moisture away from the body and speeds evaporation, providing a drier, smoother sleep surface that cools the skin and improves the amount of uninterrupted sleep. In studies involving people suffering from night sweats, improvement in sleep patterns was reported in as little as two weeks. DermaTherapy Bedding’s uniquely structured fibres are also very smooth and non-abrasive to the skin, which increases the comfort factor during sleep. And another feature important for people who experience night sweats is that DermaTherapy bedding has a wash-proof antimicrobial treatment that helps maintain freshness and eliminates odours on the fabrics caused by bacteria that can be associated with perspiration.

December 2010 The use of DermaTherapy bedding brings encouraging benefits for Epidermolysis Bullosa patients

DebRA Specialist Nurses within St John’s Institute of Dermatology have just completed an assessment of 14 patients with EBP over a four week period during which they slept on DermaTherapy bedding. At the beginning and end of the study period patients were asked to complete an evaluation sheet. The results, published in a poster presentation at this month’s “Wounds UK” meeting in Harrogate were encouraging. Click here to view the full Press Release

April 2010 edition of Good Housekeeping magazine

The National Eczema Society, responding to a question about the value of buying bedding that's meant to ease eczema symptoms, confirmed that overheating in bed does aggravate this condition and that whilst they do not endorse product, they had received positive feedback about this (DermaTherapy) bedding.

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