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If you take your sport seriously you need to read this!

When fractions of a second can mean the difference between first and last place,
every aspect of an athlete’s lifestyle is put under scrutiny.



Recovery is an important part of training

Rapid recuperation from vigorous activities is critical in maintaining an athlete’s peak performance. Along with sound nutrition, it is during sleep that the body releases powerful growth hormones which are responsible for muscle repair and growth. Research shows that sleeping better and longer leads to improvements in athletic performance, including faster performance times, better endurance, lower heart rate, and even improved mood and higher levels of energy during a workout.

It is proven that during a workout the body can typically get as hot as 40 degrees, causing the body to trigger its sweat mechanism to dissipate the excess heat. For serious athletes, especially those who work out towards the end of the day, the sweating can persist until well after bedtime.

Bedding: A seriously ignored element of the training process

It has always surprised us that athletes of all stature invest in the most technically sophisticated high performance moisture wicking fabric and equipment for use whilst training and yet at the end of the day sleep on old fashioned cotton bedding that their grandmothers slept on. Why is this when most people spend about a third of their lifetime sleeping?

Sports participants need bedding which can handle excess perspiration which accompanies heightened metabolism, as well as providing a clean, low friction support surface where abraded skin can heal.

DermaTherapy - Performance bedding to aid performance

DermaTherapy is a new synthetic silk-like fabric that is designed to be the core of an athlete’s sleep system. The unique micro-fibres within DermaTherapy rapidly wick moisture and heat away from the skin, keeping the body cooler and maintaining optimal sleep conditions.

You may have been warned about ‘over-training’ at some point but it is ‘under-recovering’ that is as equally important. Your body can actually handle a significant amount of serious training if your nutrition is on point and you get enough quality sleep.

Performance Bedding for Performance Athletes

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Still not convinced?

Please take a moment to check out the other pages of this website relating to DermaTherapy’s use in helping to treat Eczema, Acne, Pressure Sores and Night Sweats. You will then be able to read up on the clinical trials and understand just why DermaTherapy is not simply ordinary bedding but clinically proven bedding which carries a Class I Medical Device Status and is FDA Approved in the United States.

Recommended by Athletes and Sports Coaches
DermaTherapy bedding has been put through its paces by a number of organisations and individual athletes. Here is just a small sample of the comments that they have made regarding this highly innovative product.


Renault Rotor Colbert Race Team


Colbert Cycles - Renault Rotor Colbert Race Team

Colbert Cycles has been lucky enough to get its hands on some ‘new to the cycling world’ kit to help aid sleep after those hard training sessions or during the hot summer nights.
If, like me, you suffer from high body temperatures during the night due to your metabolism running riot after a training session or simply suffer from night sweats/hot flushes, then you need to take a look at DermaTherapy. One swift phone call to their office at around 12pm on a Friday and hey presto, a package of sheets + 2 pillow cases arrived the very next morning! My wife and I proudly became parents for the first time of February 2011 and I’d be the first to admit, sleep has been thin on the ground!! This added to a pretty hectic lifestyle in Motorsport alongside trying to pedal a bike around in some races, meant I was really struggling with the recovery part.......sleep.

The idea behind the bedding is simple, to keep your body at a stable temperature and wick away any moisture that may result from sweating. We as cyclists use the word wicking on a weekly basis when discussing our team kit, winter riding kit etc.....so why not use it on a bed? It was a no brainer for me, with the fact that I was only going to be able to grab 4 to 5 hours sleep at night, I needed it to be deep, recovering sleep.

I can honestly say, a week into sleeping on the sheet and pillow case, I’m never going to be without it again!! It’s coming with me when I travel too. A massive thank you to Gerard Gray (personal fitness coach) for mentioning this product and an even bigger thank you to Jo at DermaTherapy for bringing a bit of quality sleep into our lives again. click here for full review

Stephen's story was picked up by "Cycling Weekly" in their March 2012 "Tour de France" souvenir issue. Click here to see the full review.

Roy Chamberlain  

Roy Chamberlain

Roy has been racing as an elite rider for 20+ years; he has represented Great Britain on numerous occasions and with a BSc in Sports Science he is well qualified to comment:-

"I notice the difference more when I go away and sleep in another bed in that the sheets are not as comfortable and I tend to move more then as opposed to in my own bed which supports the case that the new sheets are now the norm. I cannot give a figure on how much I prefer the sheets or how much my performance has improved but can say that I move less and fall asleep quicker which may be due to other factors but I cannot remember a time when it has taken me a while to drop off to sleep. 

When I received the package I was a bit doubtful on the benefits of changing the pillow case but I can definitely say that this is what I miss most when I sleep away and to the extent that on my last night away I took my own pillow and case.

In an age when elite sportsmen and women are looking at `marginal gains’ to improve their performances getting a good night’s sleep is paramount especially when sleeping in hotels, dorms etc as is usually the case at major competitions and having your own sheets will help alleviate restless nights and lost sleep prior to and between competitions."



Full Potential –
Ben Barwick

Often overlooked are the sheets that you use. It is similar to spending lots of money investing in a pair of running shoes and then wearing a pair of old cotton socks, making your feet sweat lots and not getting the most out of your investment. You would spend the money on the better socks because you can see the benefit when you run, and the same can be said of the sheets. Athletes can sweat a lot more than normal people, and I am very prone to allergies, especially during the summer months.

There is a company called DermaTherapy that produce a range of specialist bedding, which is designed to channel moisture away from the skin by using the uniquely structured microfibres. DermaTherapy is 37% smoother than cotton sheets and feels a lot nicer on your body than normal sheets.

A wonderful side effect of all this technology is that the sheets will dry much quicker than normal sheets, just like all your moisture wicking running tops you own. I used the sheets during the summer when I suffer very heavily from Hay Fever and they really helped reduce the amount of irritation that I was suffering with. The sheets are fantastic at controlling temperature when you are sleeping, which can be a huge contributory factor to not sleeping well, so well worth your investment.
click here for full review


Featured in Running Free by Runner, Christine Fieldhouse in the Best Bedding Section

Featured in Running Free by Runner, Christine Fieldhouse in the Best Bedding Section

Many runners suffer from extreme sweating at night. DermaTherapy bedding is made with
innovation fabric technology that wicks moisture away from the body and speeds
evaporation. The sheets and pillowcases were deliciously soft, luxurious and
silky and I didn’t wake once because of overheating, and they wash well too.

click here for full review

Running Free Magazine

Nina Pitcairn – Triathlete and competitor in the Tough Guy


Nina Pitcairn – Triathlete and competitor in the Tough Guy

I found myself waking up at night with night sweats,
which left me freezing cold, so I tried some new specialist
bedding called DermaTherapy which worked for me.
It’s soft and keeps my skin cool and dry.

As per Running Free by Runner, Christine Fieldhouse in the Best Bedding Section article.


NEW! – Take your DermaTherapy bedding wherever you go!

We heard from a "Race Across America" team that had taken our DermaTherapy sheets and sewn them up into a sleeping bag liner and that got us thinking. Several prototypes later we've brought out the ultimate in climate control for athletes who may either be away at training camp or preparing to compete.

The sleepsac combines a wide sleep space with an integrated pillow case. just tuck in the pillow, climb into the sac and sleep!

The SleepSac plus it's carry bag weigh less than 550 grammes so it's not going to add serious weight to your kit but could make a significant difference to your performance!



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